Training at home


Training at home

Fully kitted-out gym at home? Great.
Just a couple of dumbbells and some bands? No worries.
Zero equipment and no clue where to start? All good!

All of my client’s programs are individually-tailored to ONLY include the things they can do at home. I’ve also compiled a video library of enough bodyweight, band, TRX and dumbbell exercises to keep progressing their training for months.

Although training at home requires some adjustments, you can still maintain an optimal structure to ensure you’re getting the most out of every session.

I also conduct live 1:1 sessions using video conferencing (Skype or Zoom), to provide feedback on exercise technique and to help avoid injury.

+ Programming

Resistance and cardiovascular training programs (with exercise videos), individually-tailored for your training level and what you can realistically do at home (equipment and bodyweight).

+ Virtual Personal Training

Live personal training sessions (1-3 per week) conducted via Skype or Zoom to ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and avoiding injury.

+ Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Individually-tailored calorie and macronutrient targets, optimal food choices and example meal plans, as well as ongoing lifestyle accountability to keep you on track.

+ SMS and Email Support

Regular weekly or bi-weekly check-ins as well as by-request video conferencing to ensure you fully understand the programs and processes.

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