James Piper

Hi, I’m James - a Personal Trainer and Online Coach based in Sydney’s CBD. My main focus is optimizing body composition (or put simply, helping people lose fat and gain muscle). During my time as a trainer, I’ve used evidence-based training and nutrition methods to help 100’s of my clients get their bodies moving, feeling and ultimately looking the way they want.


My motivation for helping others stems from my own experiences. Before fitness, I started my career in a corporate role. I saw firsthand how the combination of a sedentary lifestyle (sitting at a desk all day), demanding schedules and high stress made it extremely difficult for people trying to make an effort towards improving their health and fitness. On top of this, staying on track becomes even more difficult when you factor in limited availability of healthy food options and alcohol-abundant work and social events.

Having competed as an ameatuer bodybuilder, I’ve definitely ‘walked the walk’ as far as extremely disciplined training and dieting regimens. I’ve experienced first hand how adherence to a calorie-restricted, high protein diet combined with intelligent resistance training can completely transform the human body. These days however, I’m not so much focused on myself, as I am on applying what I’ve learned about human physiology into helping my clients get not only great, but more importantly, lasting results.

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